How to edit the text element?

To edit the text element you will need to place your cursor where you want to edit the text. Click once and you will see green lines appear forming a rectangle box around the text.

click on that area text.png

When you click again the rectangular shape lines around the text will change to blue and the text editor should appear.

Editing the text element box.png

Change the Text Size

You can change the text size by selecting the "Font Size" from the text editor.

Edit font size.png

Change the Text Colour

To change the text colour select the "Text Color" icon, choose the colour and click on the "OK" button to make the changes visible.

Font Colour.png

Change the Text Style

To change the text style click on the "Font Name" and select your style from the drop down box.

Font Style.png

Different Device View

To view how your website will be seen on different devices click on the desktop, tablet and mobile icons. You can also edit the text element in the different device views.

different mobile devices (1).png

Save Changes

To save the changes click on the save icon located on the top right corner.


Click on the "Publish" button to make your changes visible on the internet.


Click on the website link to see the changes on your website. publish-website.png

Editing the text element.png
Last updated on 11th March 2021

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